Short debates and discussions in coffee houses around Cape Town.

Aimed at designers, developers, and anyone who loves coffee and a good argument.

Portland chapter coming soon.

Keep an eye on our meetup group for details of the next event.

What is this?

We don't argue very well any more. We fight, sure, but we've lost the joy of learning by disagreeing with each other respectfully. Argumentative Mornings hope to change that. We get two people to debate opposite sides of a topic, and we aim for DH4 or higher on Paul Graham's "Disagreement Hierarchy". We listen, we learn, we ask questions.

Why coffee houses?

The influence of coffee houses used to be enormous on the political, social, literary, and commercial life. They were the stage for political debate, fringe centres of education and the origin of certain newspapers. We want to revive that tradition, while at the same time supporting local roasters who excel at their craft.

What are the rules?

Each side gets 5 minutes to make their case. No slides, just words. After the opening statement, each side gets 3 minutes for rebuttal, after which the floor is opened to questions and comments, also limited to 3 minutes each. We also drink a lot of coffee.